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Are you eager to see the real Spain? Then Seville is really the place to be! Delicious tapas, amazing flamenco music, good weather, lots of culture… Seville has it all! Here are 5 must do’s to help you experience the best Seville has to offer!

1. Seville Cathedral

Personally, I don’t really like visiting churches nor cathedrals. At the main entrance you’ll always find the local beggar and in the church you will be forced to buy a souvenir ‘in the name of God’. On Sundays, the Cathedral of Seville has a free entrance and I heard really great things about it, so I decided to take a look inside. Once inside the cathedral, I was amazed by the beauty and size of this masterpiece.

But it’s actually no surprise – It is the largest Gothic building and the world’s second largest cathedral! If you’re a student, here’s a useful tip – You can benefit from a discount rate and save some money! I guess there are no excuses left for not visiting the amazing Cathedral of Seville!

2. Real Alcázar

Queuing…. I hate it. If you want to see Real Alcázar you’ll have to be patience. But believe me, once entered you will be surprised by its beautiful architecture and history!

Wander around the amazing patios and enjoy beautiful art, different gardens and Moorish Mudéjar architecture.

Alcázar is Europe’s oldest palace and Unesco agreed, making it a World Heritage site since 1987. If you’re a student, again you can benefit from a discount rate and thus save some money! Fun Fact: Real Alázar was used as a location for filming Game of Thrones!

3. Plaza de España en Parque Maria Louisa

Ever seen the movies ‘Star Wars II’, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ or ‘The Dictator’? La Plaza de España was used as a location for filming those movies! In 1929, this beautiful square, in the form of a semi-circle, was built together with the Maria Louisa park for the Ibero-American exhibition.

Beautiful scenery, fountains, frescoes, romantic boat trips … To make a long story short: a scenic place to wander around and enjoy!

4. La Mezquita – Cordoba

Although Cordoba is about an hour train ride from Seville, I would definitely recommend to visit the city during your stay. When visiting the center of Cordoba, it really gave me a glimpse of how it was at ancient times. The most famous sight in Codroba is La Mezquita (mosque in Spanish). La Mezquita is the third largest Mosque of the world and a fine example of Islamic architecture in the western world.

The construction took centuries and was initially built as a mosque but later on converted into a Cathedral.

5. Metrosol Parasol – Las Setas de Sevilla

In the city center you will come across a huge futuristic, wooden construction, also known as La Setas de Sevilla or the mushroom. It isn’t something you’d expect in such an ancient city but I kind of liked it.

Once arrived you can visit the anti-aquarium or enjoy the great panoramic view at the top of the building! If you’re thirsty or hungry there is plenty of choice to eat or drink something.

Seville is a city where the ancient and the modern meet each other. A sunny city that has so much to offer for both young and old. Enjoy your trip!

What about you? Do you have some tips or must do’s? Make sure to leave them below!

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