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6 tips for taking killer Instagram pics

Bijgewerkt: 23 okt 2019

Going on a trip soon and you want to snap some beautiful pictures? Here are my tips to make your IG photos pop and bring your feed to the next level!

1. Invest in a DSLR or mirrorless camera

Invest in a solid DSLR or Mirrorless camera

If you want to step up your Instagram game, invest in solid DSLR or Mirrorless camera. When I started traveling, most of my pictures where taken with my phone or compact camera. They were just fine but nothing compared with the pictures I now share with you guys. It might cost you some money but trust me, you'll immediately see the difference.

I like to use the Panasonic G7 with a 14-140 zoom lens but there's a wide variety of choices (Nikon, Canon, Sony,...). If you want to have some more information about my camera gear or if you need some help choosing the right camera, let me know in the comments or send me a DM (@trvlpicz)!

2. Go vertical

Take a quick look at the pictures of your favorite Instagrammer. You'll quickly notice that most of their photos are cropped in the portrait aspect ratio (1080x1350). Why? Because it takes up more space in the Instagram feed. If someone is scrolling through their feed, it's important to grab their attention! Naturally, a larger image does just that. This doesn't mean you can't take pictures horizontally anymore. Just make sure to crop them vertically afterwards.

3. Try a different angle

Most people take their pictures in what I so call the "face-to-face angle" (at eye level to your subject). Don't get me wrong, those shots can be very nice. However, if you want your pictures to stand out, now and then try to use a different angle. Here's an example where I shoot in a low angle to make the subject ( The Torre Glòries skyscraper) appear larger. Using a drone is another great way to photograph from another perspective.

4. Use nature to frame your subject

Using nature to frame a subject is a technique I really like to use in my latest pictures. Below you can see a good example of how I used trees and flowers to frame Famous Sagrada Familia.

5. Add a bokeh effect to your pictures

Another great and easy way to make your picture stand out is by adding the famous "bokeh effect". With this technique you are separating the subject from the background. All you need is a camera that allows you to adjust aperture and focal length. Here's a great example of me using this effect. The subject (the bird) looks sharp while everything else remains soft and indistinct.

6. Create your own presets in Lightroom or Photoshop

You often wonder how instagrammers manage to have such a consistent/perfect feed or image with the same colors? Well, the answer is presets.

Before we start to talk about presets, you must know that most photographers edit their pictures in post production. If you want better pictures, editing is a 100% must do. You can play with different settings like: contrast, shadows, colors, sharpness, exposure, saturation etc...

Repeating the same settings and editing steps over and over again for every picture takes a lot of time. Now that's why we use presets. It's a collection of settings inside of Lightroom or Photoshop, that are bundled into a single click allowing you to edit your photos far more efficiently.

7. Bonus tip: use color contrast

A great way to make your photograph look better is to use colors that pop out.

When going to Iceland I knew it was known for its gray cloudy weather and I wanted to do something creative with it. I saw a lot of pictures of people wearing colorful jackets and really liked the way it contrasted, so I bought one. Here's the result. Pretty cool right? It's a great example of how to use contrasts in your pictures to make them stand out.

Hope these tips will help you out! What about you? Do you have other tips? Let me know! Make sure to check out my latests travel adventures on Instagram (trvlpicz)

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